Barranquilla Colombia

Barranquilla Colombia has no established record of the its foundation, but residents traditionally commemorate the city’s anniversary on April 7. That same date in 1913 Barranquilla was legally established as a village.

Being Colombia’s first port and thanks to its level of industrialization and modernity, Barranquilla is often referred to as La Puerta de Oro de Colombia (Colombia’s Golden Gate) and as La Arenosa (The Sandy City). Also, South America’s first airport ever, Enrnesto Cortissoz international Airport, was built in Barranquilla in 1919 and is the world’s second oldest commercial airline still in business. Avianca Airlines was founded in this city as well.

Barranquilla is the biggest city in the Atlantic coast of Colombia and it’s the country’s fourth largest city after Bogota, Medellin and Cali.

Geography and Climate

The highest point you’ll find in Barranquilla is at 142 meters above sea level with temperatures around 32 degrees Celsius all year long thanks to its location along the coast. Throughout the day, temperature can change thanks to the strong winds the city receives between late November and early April. Rainy season takes place between April and June and from August to November.

Barranquilla’s Carnival

Throughout the years the city has developed business and commercial business especially during times of carnival and the end of the year when it receives a large amount of visitors.

Carnival takes place and lasts 4 days leading to “Ash Wednesday” which is a Catholic Religion festivity that takes place in February or early March. In Barranquilla Colombia you will find the best hotels in the north of the city near the business districts and shopping centers along with other small budget hotels and inns. They all ready up for the high season so they all provide the best service possible for everyone who visits.

During the carnival you get the chance to witness a musical competition where important national and international bands compete in different categories for the legendary Golden Congo. You get to listen to salsa merengue and vallenato which are very popular music genres in Colombia.


As mentioned before, the northern part of Barranquilla Colombia houses the best neighborhoods, shopping centers and parks. The variety of hotel branches affects the prices and provides more options for you to plan your vacation and not hurt your pocket. Neighbor villages that are located no more than one hour away by road offer camping facilities and hiking trips.

The Zoo in Barranquilla holds both native and exotic animal species while emphasizing in Colombian fauna and promoting the protection of endangered animal species. You can also visit “the mouth of the Magdalena River” which is often referred to as “Bocas de Ceniza”. This is the access to the port of Barranquilla where you can ride small boats along the river and visit the restaurants long its shores.