I love to capture on film God’s beauty in it’s many forms, whether it be a wildflower in a field, a sunset over a lake, a child at play, or the sparkle in a woman’s eyes. 

I’m a full time computer specialist and part-time photographer, and I love both of my jobs. I spend my days creating websites, databases, and helping people with their computers. Photography gives me an outlet for the creative energy that constantly flows through my head. My love of photography developed very early, and my interest was captured forever when I saw a picture magically appear on a blank piece of paper in a tray of solution after being exposed to a momentary flash of light .

Normally I shoot in an outdoor location, your home, or my studio apartment. When shooting in your home I will bring studio lights and either use backdrops or use your home itself as the backdrop.

I print my own black and white, and send the color to a photo lab. I shoot 35mm film and use a Nikon N90 camera and Nikon F3 camera with a variety of lenses. For studio and indoor shoots I set up White Lightning strobes with umbrella reflectors and diffusion panels to give soft shadows. In some of my pictures you may notice the colored fog in the background created with a fog machine which creates an unusual effect.

This website I have created myself. Many times I will create a gallery of pictures for an individual I shoot. I won’t post your pictures on my website without your permission and I would want you to sign a model release if I did. 

I hope you have enjoyed your visit to my galleries, and I would appreciate you signing my guestbook. 

Perhaps you will allow me to capture you’re special beauty God has given you.