Dentata’s got bite


Dentata’s got bite3 a.m. is no time to begin writing. But Canadian Music Week has had me up all night, bouncing from one sweaty, gross venue to the next. I guess many of us will have to do the same thing today. It’ll be a tough slog. Toronto’s Dentata aremuch tougher than that. In fact, they’re the most hard-bitten thing you’re likely to hear during CMW. In what seems to be a nebulous mix of indie rock bands and singer-songwriters (and I must stress I love seeing these artists as well), Dentata are mean, scary, and rough.

Their sound reminds me of the earliest of Hole records, back when Courtney Love had Kurt Cobain writing her songs and she still seemed to possess an ounce or two of credibility. They play a thick, heavy version of gothic punk that demanded I follow them up with a serving of Black Sabbath and Black Flag.

Dentata have been making the rounds in the Toronto scene for a while now. We covered them back in 2011 as one of our bands to watch. Since then they’ve gone through a line-up change (their drummer left the band this year) and they’re hard at work on an EP. What you really need to know is that that this kind of blistering punk is rare these days, and Dentata are making a great brand of raw, aggressive music.

They attracted the attention of filmmaker Richard Kern, who’s work with artists like Henry Rollins and Sonic Youth makes Dentata seem like a natural fit. The video for Earwig (above) was released earlier this year, and makes the most of the band’s sex appeal (Ha. As if Kern is interested in doing anything else).  Yeah, Dentata are a pretty sexy band, but there’s a great sound behind their image, and their music is what makes Dentata so intense on stage.

Seriously. If nothing else, they have a great name.